Good morning Carriacou

In another country again. This one, with the main island of Grenada just next door, will be the last country in the Caribbean island chain for us. Although we'll stay around here for a bit to prepare the boat for the long sail towards Colombia, it's extremely relieving to know that the coast of Venezuela, for example, is just there. An easy 100 n miles sail to the South. Would take us less than a day to cross and be in another culture with another language and different people. We would have loved to sail to Venezuela today already, but unfortunately that isn't recommend due to safety reasons and there's way too much piracy going on on that coast. When we are ready to leave from here, we will instead be sailing straight towards Colombia, with a couple stops in between most likely, one or all of Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba.

On another note: I am a bit fluish at the moment. Head ache, running nose, slight fever, a sore throat and because of that I have dreamt weird things lately. All from sunken ships and pirates to the weirdest last night: that I was in a big city, walking through boutiques. Touching and feeling Jimmy Choo clutches and Bottega Veneta dresses, asking for price and when informed of it, 2.900 for the clutch, mam, I felt a need of putting that in relation to the price of different parts of our boat. That's the cost of a winch, I remember myself saying while caressing the soft black calf leather bag with a suede panel and gold hardware. This silk and chiffon dress has the same price as the new mainsail that we need. Calculations were almost accurate now when I'm up and sober so to say, but in the midst of this foggy journey I woke up sweating, trying to remember each detail and felt extremely relieved that I was on our boat and not on a shopping spree. What a waste it would have been if I had invested in such delicate designer pieces when the different parts of the boat combined actually moves us around the world and indirectly gives us mental as well as physical freedom. Phew.. back to reality.

The sail to here was good, like all of the sail since we started in Saint Vincent last week. Wind has been reasonably light and so the sea has been calm to flat. It's a bit rolly here in Tyrrel Bay though (as was in Mustique and Saint Vincent), which obviously is a tad annoying so we might move on towards St George's already this afternoon. I know many of you have spent some time in Grenada, would you mind informing us of which parts of the island is best for anchoring? Non rolly please.