So we had hoped to be able to haul out now this week, but as it turns out, Grenada Marine is closing on December 21st and not opening again before January 7th which is way too long for us to stay on the hard. We basically only need to paint the anti fouling and do some extra laminating on certain areas so max seven days is what we'd like to spend out of the water. We also have a friend flying in on the 2nd and we are expecting to sail with him towards Colombia on that day or one of the following depending on the weather. The other yard here in Grenada doesn't allow you to work on your own boat unless you pay for doing so and we've got no time for such nonsense so now we're looking for options. Hoping the yard in Carriacou doesn't stay closed for more than a week or ten days, otherwise we'll need to wait with the haul out till we get to Colombia... would've felt better to have it all done before though. Please let us know if you know of a good yard close to Cartagena.