Comfort days

In bed, the cockpit, or on the couch. That's some of the places you will have best chance on finding me these days. Can't resist the temptation of reading one another chapter after chapter of this poignant story and fascinating destiny of Nitta Sayuri, a story so breathtakingly beautifully told. I take the occasional break to boil up some ginger tea or bake another coconut or cinnamon banana cake, while Alex is swearing in the background about some screws he can't seem to find again that he needs to be able to finalize a random new installment. And then he heads out, board in hand, to catch a few waves on the small break by the entrance of the bay before sun goes down and it's time for dinner. Tonight Alex's peanut butter chicken with rice and a cheap bottle of red with it. All is as should be.

The way we live right now is pretty much the way we had imagined our sailing life to be when we first started, yet due to the massive load of projects we've been occupied with ever since we got to the Caribbean, it is not before now that we can fully begin to appreciate the simple quietness and time for ourselves and each other. Isn't it beautiful to be able to look back on previous chapters of life and be able to agree on the fact that, yeah, that part of life is finally done. Over and done with it. We made use of it to the max and it led us to where we are today. Let us close that door and be happy for the time and place where we are in this very moment. I find it amazing that we humans can always start it all over again. It is never too late for a new chance or a new beginning in life. Put your mind to whatever you dream for and eventually you will be able to find yourself reaching that goal. I am amazed by our own abilities to redesign and reinvent ourselves, over and over again.