Colombia on my mind

Like always when planning for a new destination, we're now busy doing the homework for the area of the world in question. This time for Colombia in general and Cartagena in particular. Wondering which marina to stay in as anchorages apparently aren't suggested? What are the clearance procedures? How does the winds look right now although we won't be departing before in twelve days etc etc. To say that we are excited to get moving is a grave understatement. Things always tend to shine in new lights when you actually and physically arrive to a new place and have spent some time there, but from what we have understood so far, it is that Club de Pesca is the best and safest marina in Cartagena. We've also figured out that the fees for hauling your boat on any given yard seem to be higher than in the Caribbean but service seems good from what we've heard. The waters in and around the city itself is said to be dark and murky but there does seem to be a few islands a few hours sail away which are great for an escape when in need of natural refreshment. What else? The rich culture, historical buildings, friendly people and the new cuisine will make for an interesting and inspiring change, and of course the place seem to be full of ice cream shops scattered around the city thank lord... Looking immensely forward to get to know this historical city and also hoping to rent a car so we get to see more of the country itself. If all goes as planned, we shall be spending around five or six weeks around Cartagena. If there is anything amazing in terms of culture, restaurants, music, dance, a particular Colombian person or whatever fabulous you know about Colombia and Cartagena that you think would be interesting to to us or to share on our blog, please let us know here or send us an email. Cannot wait to explore and share the best of that country with our readers.