Another level

It's hard not to fall in love with this place. The most well maintained and in a way, most organized island in the West Indies that we have come across thus far. Just as in St Barts, roads and gardens are kept clean and groomed, but Mustique is even one step more, what's the word, tidy. At some parts it doesn't even remind of another Caribbean island at all. The vast parks and gardens with the well cut grass fields are more reminiscent of what you find in European or American residential areas, and every detail is refreshingly well thought out. An interesting change from the typical of what the other islands offer and we totally understand why this is the favorite sanctuary of the ones who look for impeccable style and discreet serenity. Also the level of service and politeness is in general way higher than anywhere we've visited before in this region, I suppose it is also one of the requirements for getting to work on this private island altogether.