A typical day of our lives

Thought I could show you how a normal, uneventful day of our lives looks like. Days on a boat on any given island can be close to as unexciting as a normal day back home in the city. Only big difference I think is that we don't have to get up to work in the way most knows it, but can instead choose to do a little bit whatever we feel like, while still making sure that our important boat tasks and other freelance job gets properly done in between. We got up around 8 am this morning. I normally wake up around 6.45 when the sun goes up but since we got back to the anchorage and the boat is rolling slightly at all times, it seems my body is more tired than what it's used to. The never ending rain probably has some influence too.
In any case, we took our dinghy to shore and then the bus to town where we had some errands to do. You see the British phone booth there by the harbor in St George's? There are a few of them gathered there but non are in use what it seems.
We stopped by one of the many roti places for a quick lunch. This delicious roti was served at Carenage Café. If you haven't had a roti before, it's a typical West Indian fast food. A sort of bread, similar to a pancake, that is filled with meat, fish, chicken or conch mixed with potatoes, veggies and a flavorful curry sauce. The roti/bread of this particular one was flavored with mashed peas and spicy pepper which gave a wonderful taste to the meal. I've written about roti earlier here if you wish to know more about it. It's the Indians who brought it here to the West Indies back in the colonial times.
The café had a huge map on the wall and we discussed which route to take to cross that massive Pacific ocean. One of the intelligent conclusions were that why not sail down the West coast of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, and from there cross WSW towards the Easter Island, then onto Pitcairn island and eventually end up somewhere around Tahiti. Like that we would shorten the long passage a little, all the while getting to see more of South America while we're anyway at it. Hmm... still not decided. But man are we dying to be on the other side already!
Pit stop at a juice bar after lunch to refreshen ourselves in the steaming heat and after those spicy rotis.
Some of the things we brought with us home from Budget Marine were a bunch of cables and hoses that we need to have installed/replaced this weekend. One cable is for the satellite internet, one cable for the water maker, one hose for the manual bilge pump, one for the toilet and the last one for the shower.
Just one of our pirate neighbors.
When that long and exhausting day was almost over, I jumped out of my shorts and into my hoodie and tights and retired in front of the computer with a few Spanish lessons as I need to brush up my Spanish for our departure towards Colombia next week. 
In between las clases I also managed to prepare a mackerel stew with mashed potatoes.
And the day was ended with a bucket full of ice cream. The one and only macadamia nut brittle.

Tomorrow might be even more exciting as we have the installation of those hoses and cables to get started with!