Winter in paradise

Just hit me it's November already, and we're quickly approaching the last month of this year. Insane how fast time goes, feels like only a couple months ago that we celebrated Christmas and New Year with our friends on St Barts. Seasons float together and become one when you live in the tropics all year long, and I must admit that I sometimes dream of walking on cold, dark city streets with a winter-coat on and a cashmere shawl around my neck, inhaling crisp, frosty air. There is an obvious beauty with the change of weather and seasons, both from a visual point of view as well as in the way life alters its course in the different episodes. The mood of people, the ambiance, the scent, the colors - everything changes and new things evolve before your eyes with the alteration of temperature and time of the year. Those are the things one can miss when living on a boat in a tropical climate. So for you who are annoyed and frustrated by the cold weather that's taking over your cities and towns up North, think about us and know that we'd love to change place with you, if only for a little while!

This years Christmas and New Year will, if all goes as planned, be celebrated in Cartagena, Colombia. Should be at least a bit chillier there than here in the West Indies.