What's for protection

I promised to tell you what sun protection I use for my body, face and hair while living in the tropics and spending much time on the water so here it goes:

Biotherm Lait Solaire spf 30 - What I adore about this particular sunscreen is that it feels and smells just like a citrus scented body lotion. It doesn't leave stains on clothes like so many other sunscreens and it's super easy to apply. Just like a perfect body lotion. 

Jan Marini Antoxidant Daily Face Protectant spf 30 - That's the white tube to the right. Unfortunately the quality of the print isn't that good so the text has simply fallen off with time of use in sun and salt water (I believe they've changed the packaging now since last time I checked though). Despite that, the sunscreen is totally non oily and gives no reason for the skin to feel greasy once its used and that's exactly why I love it.

Bioderma Photderm Max Stick spf 50+ - This stick is rich in soothing active ingredients to prevent and minimise skin damage on and around the lips. As I have a tendency to burn my lips as soon as they're exposed to the sun, this is my best friend at all times. 

Daylong Extreme Sunblock spf 50 - This is what Alex uses. Super protective, no perfume and the tube lasts a long while. A slight bit too greasy in Alex's opinion so we're still on the hunt for the perfect dry, highly protective, non greasy sunscreen for him.

Phytojoba Intense Hydration - Best shampoo I ever tried. Seriously. After I stopped dying my hair, I had the need of finding a shampoo and conditioner that would take care of my fragile, over treated hair and give it moisture all the while making it easy for me to take care of it in sunny and salty environments. I've tried so many brands you have no idea, and finally I stumbled upon this one. This shampoo is exactly what I was dreaming of. Intensively hydrating because of the jojoba oil and it also makes hair soft and easy to work with. Only drawback is that it's a bit too fluid, so you better watch out when you put it in your hand as half the bottle could easily slip out in one go. And the scent is a total other level... I'm falling in love with myself all over again each time that I wash my hair with this shampoo, no joke.

PhytoBaume Hydrating Conditioner - From Phyto Paris just as the shampoo. So thankful that I got introduced to the combination of these two, my hair has never felt dry since I started using the two of them. And the scent again, just perfect. Best shampoo and conditioner I've ever used in my thirty year long life. 

Rene Furterer Sun Gel kpf 80 - Great, lightweight creme from the cult brand Rene Furterer which is easy to apply and that protects your hair from the evil sun rays all day long.

Bliss Super Minty Soap n' Scrub - Not a suncreen, but a great shower gel for burned and hot bodies. It has peppermint in it so it's cooling and super refreshing after a day in the sun and also contains of Jojoba beads which gently scrubs your body.

Planter's Aloe Vera 99,9% - This is the best Aloe Vera gel on the market in both Alex and my opinion and we've tried them all trust me. No artificial scent or ingredients and it really cools you off nice and gentle after a long day in the sun. This is the closest you can get to the gel obtained from the natural aloe vera plant.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps - This one has won numerous beauty awards along the years and it's totally as good as the reputation claims. A great body lotion which is super moisturizing and effectively combats dry skin. Contains olive, corn and almond oil with a bunch of other good ingredients and the creme is incredibly rich in texture. It also enhances your tanned tone a bit so I like using it when going out nighttime.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR - Shimmery dry oil for face, body and hair. 95,2% natural ingredients and leaves your skin (that's what I mainly use it for) with a subtle shimmer. Amazing effect and it's very hydrating too.

Read on here to see what are my other beauty and make-up favorites.