What else do we miss

So if friends and family are the most important aspects of what we miss when living far away from it all, there are a few actual things, that we occasionally feel a longing for.

Alex misses his bike of course, would've been amazing to have a Harley packed on the boat to bring ashore and cruise around the different beautiful islands that we visit but that's probably not a very logistically logical idea. He also misses a good cup of coffee in the mornings. Yea we got the amazing espresso machine that is perfectly suitable for our sailing lifestyle, but sometimes you want to enjoy that coffee on a nice terrace, order in a fresh croissant with it and both of these, however small the request might seem, are pretty hard to obtain over here. The standard of coffee is the American version, and the few times you actually find a properly done coffee in one of the resorts, the price is around five times higher than what we're accustomed to back home in Europe. And croissants you can simply forget about if not in the French West Indies. 

I miss Swedish and Finnish candy, sometimes I even dream about it in the nights, very bizarre. And some type of food I haven't tasted in a long time. Like proper fresh whole wheat bread straight from the bakery, fried calamares, juicy oranges, ruccola, great red wine. Alex misses Spanish tapas, sauccision and really good cold cuts in general of course. The good thing here in the Caribbean is that you can always sail over to one of the French islands and get most of your food cravings satisfied. Now that we don't get to visit any more French islands that can supply these needs before perhaps New Caledonia in the summer of next year at the earliest, the Colombian food is something we look very much forward to explore. But other than food, friends and family, there isn't much else we miss out here. Maybe sometimes the easiness of hailing a cab on the street. And of course the general culture, sound, taste and light of the Mediterranean.. the obvious things I believe.