The next best thing

Long story short, we didn't leave yesterday and not today, but most likely early tomorrow morning. What we did do yesterday though, was to revisit the big super market in town to stock up on more groceries and while doing so, I found this. It's literally the next best thing when in desperate need of Scandinavian candy. Reese's peanut butter cups are some of my all time favorites and peanut butter m&m's too so you can only image when Reese's gets around to create these pieces as they like to call them. You've probably seen them if you live in the US or UK (they've apparently been around since 1978) but this was my very first encounter with pieces. The combination of peanut butter and the milky, crunchy shell is almost unbearable. And the milk duds, also way too good to resist but I haven't seen them around in years. Feeling slightly sick now though as I munched two of these boxes in one go, right before dinner.. never been good at restricting myself from sweet pleasure.