Sunday activities by the water

Greetings! Beautiful day here in St Vincent today. We're sitting in the shade of a nice little resort, editing Alex boat photos and reading through the questions you've sent us on email and in the comments. Some questions are so good that they require longer answers so we're going to cut it into several different episodes. Click here to ask your question or add below if you have any and we will reply on all of it little by little. 

You two are great inspiration to me, and I believe many others(!), so now I wonder who do YOU get inspired by? Thanks, always nice to hear that we can inspire others in whatever way it might be. Alex: Honestly I never cared much about what others did or done, been busy doing the things that I loved and what made me happy in a particular moment so there hasn't been too much time left to look after others and then following their way. Freedom and being able to walk my own road has been number one priority all my life. People who share these features or mindsets and stay true to who they are, are people I respect. Taru: What I admire in people: strength, courage, balls and honesty, they are what I can relate to, but while I respect the ones with these features, I don't need much inspiration to be that way myself if that makes sense. But of course it's always refreshing, interesting and inspiring if you wish, with people who dare to break free, who doesn't give a fuck about how others wish to categorize them, people who follow their heart, who are honest and true and who dare to pursue their dreams even through obstacles. One thing that I wished I had more of though, is better orderliness in certain aspects and people who have just that is something I can look up to in a way. I also get very much inspired by photography produced by creative and innovative artists although I do my best in staying true to my own style. And by excellent writers of course, definitely wished I was an even better writer in English.

Does Duende have a power windlass? Yes, only working one way at the moment though due to a faulty connection inside of the electric motor. On the never-ending to-do-list..

I have one question for you, why don't you just block anonymous comments so you can immediately get rid of the trash? Because this is our blog and the silly comments shouldn't choose for us what we do or not with it. We also have a few readers who does not have a blogger account and we would miss the contact with them in case they couldn't comment. As we now get help to clean out the dirt from our comments we don't hear too much negativities any longer so it's definitely much calmer than before, thanks for asking. 

I would like to know how you (Taru) stay so slim. You seem to be eating and enjoying a lot of good food and wine, so what's the secret?? Like I said before, I drink much less than what I used to. I also swim more, do some yoga and easy exercise. I do more home-cooked food than before so I'm in control of what I'm eating and I try to stay off sugar and fat to the extent it's possible. That means I still allow myself to eat almost what I feel for, just that I try to keep it low and instead of a complete bar of chocolate like before, I'm now ok with a quarter. If you're around thirty like I am, there must be a certain amount of moderation involved if you wish to maintain a healthy body. If a healthy look is important to you, which it is for me, then there obviously comes some work with it. Flat abs and firm ass doesn't come for free any longer unfortunately.

What plans are there for making your voyage into a book or movie? We are actually writing on a book together however crazy that seems with all of our other projects. This book is not meant to be finished yet so don't expect anything in the next 12 months at least. Recently, we also got approached by a European production company who works with National Geography among others, who wish to make a documentary film about us and our journey but we're very hesitant to the whole idea of having people hanging around us for such a long time. Privacy, freedom and peace of mind is what we strive for so.. let's see. The money you make out of documentaries is also too low in relation to the effort you have to put in so overall we're not too excited. We've been thinking of making more videos ourselves though which was a fantastic plan we had six months ago or so, but then we realized it takes way too much time, energy and patience for us to feel happy doing it. Additionally, both Alex and I are terrible actors and as soon as the camera is on, we look stupidly uncomfortable so we'd like to spare you the pain for as long as we can. But we do have in mind that people would like to see more videos so let's see in the future what we can come up with.

Sweet of some of you to email us camera tips for upgrade by the way but of course we already have got ourselves another camera (Canon 5D Mark II), like two years ago or so so it's about time this old one gets used by someone who's in better need of it.

More answers coming soon....