Sail the Antarctic?

Many of our non sailing readers have opened their eyes to sailing since they started reading our blog and we're happy if we can introduce our preferred way of living and enjoying life to others. There are so many ways to get started even before you're ready to purchase your own boat: Weekend sailing on small dinghies at your local nautical club, renting a sailboat with or without skipper for a week or two on any of the beautiful locations around the globe, or join an expedition boat to a particular and interesting part of the world. 

Atlintha Adventures is a really cool and unique way of getting out there and experiencing ocean sailing. They are based in Australia and are specializing in Antarctic expeditions, among other fascinating locations worldwide. All their crew are professional mariners with years of experience on large merchant ships and Jonathan, the primary captain, comes from a sea dwelling family with a lifetime of sea and ocean experience. Jonathan's father was also the founder of the Sydney Maritime Museum. Read more about this fascinating opportunity to explore the world and if you're ever curious to explore the Antarctic or other high latitude locations, Jonathan and his team are the guys to get in touch with. Our boat is not really made for this type of exploration but both Alex and I would love to join a journey like this one day in the future.