Proud and thankful

Spending these days hiking, swimming and exploring this island by foot and under water. Found some amazing underwater cliffs today which we'll bring the gopro to tomorrow, must show you the beauty that's hiding almost under our boat. We keep reminding each other every day how lucky/happy we are because the hard months are behind us for now and we're finally living the quiet, uncomplicated life we left on this journey for, again. Though it wasn't always that obvious, when now looking back and evaluating the present, it was definitely worth the hardships and challenges we've been through. The pride we feel when looking at this boat from any given angle, any distance, any framing, gives us just another confirmation that we made the right decision in the end. And the fact that we three still stick together after all those trials is a great wonder in itself. Very proud of us all. Proud and thankful that we persisted and didn't give up along the way.