More maintenance

And here's the studs, nuts, washers and backing plates for the four winches that Alex just removed from the cockpit. That's from two Barlow 36 and two Asahi 26.

Another thing: We don't have much of the Caribbean left now. A couple stops before we reach Grenada, and that'll be the last West Indian island for us for this time around (will stop at the ABC islands before Colombia though). If anyone of you could give us some info about Grenada/Colombia and the possibilities of buying items such as carbon, resin, fiberglass, sunbrella material, cockpit cushions, parts for winch, winches, rigging wire, inner-stay tensioner etc etc, that would be much appreciated. What should we stock up on in Grenada and what is better to wait with till we get to Colombia? We still have some work that needs to be done on the boat before we begin the Pacific ocean crossing, so any tips and advice would be appreciated so we can plan a little.