We sailed past Dominica the other day and because it had been calm for so many days and the Atlantic was reasonably quiet, we went on the Windward / Eastern coast for the first time. A pity we didn't find the time to stop by Dominica for a few days once more before we leave this region, but maybe we'll be back one day in the future. Dominica is one of the most natural islands in the Caribbean. Hundreds of pristine rivers, high mountain lakes, lush green hills, sparsely inhabited and not exploited to the extent most other larger islands are around here. It almost feels like the island is from another time, Jurassic Park kind of time with it's dense forests and rich vegetation as you can tell by the beautiful untouched hills in this picture. Definitely a place worth visiting if you are looking for a nature experience above else.

It's also not uncommon that you get to se whales around the island, like we did once, remember?