Camera for sale - Sold

During these years of blogging, many of you have asked for camera tips, what to start with when taking the step from compact digital to a professional digital camera? This is one of the best ones for that purpose in my opinion, a camera that we felt someone else needed better as we have another machine (Canon 5D Mark II) that's taking all our time. This particular one is called Canon EOS 450D in Europe and Canon EOS rebel XSi in the US. It's a few years old now but works like new. Original price is around $500 for the body only, but we have added an amazing macro lens to it, called EF-S 60 mm f/2.8 (value $400 USD).

Our total price for the package, camera + lens: $480 USD OBO. Includes: Canon charger, Canon battery pack, SanDisk memory card 4GB and a USB cable. All ready to be used immediately. Only thing missing is a small lens cover, but you can easily find one for around $10 USD in most camera stores.

Below are some photos that were taken with this camera and lens today:
The sharpness of this lens is absolutely perfect and it's great for portraits and detail photography.
Follow the links to read more about the camera and the lens.

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