Stringer and bulkhead job aft bunks

I started project "reinforcement" to avoid high point load and because the boat was flexing a bit too much. This was clear from day one when we purchased the boat so I knew I just had to dig into it... Here in one the two aft bunks. I have here removed a rotten mini bulkhead/frame which also wasn't tabbed properly. I've grinded a large area for the new stringer and the new bulkhead that I planned to put in here on each side. 
Cutting plywood/new bulkheads.
1/2" marine plywood.
Night has arrived.. cutting stripes of foam for stringers.
Four layers of each around 10 mm stripes of foam glued together and glued to hull. This is before shaping.
Shaped and in process of filleting with epoxy and filler.
One layer of Biax and one of UD. 
Here's the stringer finished before painting. That's two layers of Biax, three of UD and I used Peel-Ply partly to avoid having to sand before painting.
Morning after, bulkheads to be put in place. I've cut some vent through them and shaped them by the corners.
Glued and fillet.
Tabbed and plywood sealed.

Haven't painted the area yet but shall do so when all floor work is finalized. Boat is slowly feeling stiffer with this and the other recently done reinforcements. Showing you the other parts shortly. /Alex