On the blog agenda

I have a few things I'd like to show/tell you but as time is precious, I don't always find enough of it to catch up with everything that I'd like to share with you on here.

These are some of the things I will share with you in a not too distant future:

- Refit of the boat. Have received numerous emails and comments about this from you readers who wish to see what Alex has done to reinforce the boat and this is coming very soon. It's not super easy to get him to sit still in front of the computer for more than ten minutes at a time. And if I'd write that post by myself I'm sure I'd miss some very important details, so I'm doing my best here to convince him to take.the.goddam.time and get this over and done with. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

- Marie-Galante. I'd like to tell and show you why that island is one of our top three most gorgeous places in the Caribbean. Above photo is from there to begin with.

- I've promised to tell you what sunscreen and shampoo I use to protect my hair and myself from the destructive UV-light.

- Show some images from our visit to one of Martinique's most renowned rum distillery where both Alex and I managed to get tipsy. I might have told you that Alex doesn't drink too often but that rum is the only alcoholic beverage he enjoys.

- Show a Go Pro video from our previous sail from Marie-Galante to here. Must find time to edit it first...

- And I wish to tell you about that collaboration we've been whispering about for a while, but as the specific product for that specific brand that we have been appointed to be ambassadors for hasn't hit stores in the US yet and it's further delayed, we must wait a few more days...

And what happened at the Dr's btw. He said, just as Danelle suggested on our Facebook page, that it's a bone spur of sort which probably is a result of an earlier damage that I've had in my ankle years ago. It's basically an extra piece of bone that the body has created in an attempt to repair that earlier damage. I've now got anti inflammatory drugs and should rest for a week or longer and hoping that will help. Thanks all for great links you've sent me, feels safe to know that we have so many knowledgeable readers would we ever need medical assistance again!