Not the catch we were hoping for

Happy to hear the reel spinning the other day, first catch (and first time of fishing) in a long while. Got a bit perplexed though when we realized there was neither a mahi mahi nor tuna on the hook, but a small reef-shark. First instinct was to let him or her go, sharks are not meant to be eaten at least not in my opinion. But after a while of contemplation, we realized there would be no way we could have released that aggressive little beast from the hook without getting bitten, and none of us were up for a voluntary shark bite to be honest. Also, to cut the line and let the shark swim off with the hook and large plastic lure deep down in his or her mouth would have been even more torture. We simply found no other way around it than to bring the shark up on the boat. I was a bit skeptical to cook the meat to begin with but thought it would be a waste to throw it away. Alex cleaned the fish and I marinated the boneless shark meat in oil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs and served it with rice and vegetables. Tasted surprisingly good, albeit very soft and a bit spongy. It definitely tasted better the second day when the meat was no longer as fresh and squashy as when we just had caught it.

The texture of the skin was very interesting btw. A sharks skin is apparently made of a matrix of tiny, hard, tooth-like structures called dermal denticles or placoid scales. These structures are shaped like curved teeth and leaves the skin with a texture like harsh sandpaper. It was easy to pull your hand over it from the head and down, but impossible to do it upwards. 

Interesting experience but I'm still hoping this was the first and last time that we got a shark on the hook :/