Tacking around this diamond rock and on towards Marin du Marina in the South of Martinique this morning felt like a triumph of sort. We first arrived here 1,5 year ago after having crossed the Atlantic ocean and so many things have happened, and changed, since then. This time we are here to say farewell and our brief stop here will mark another milestone on our sailing journey. The more islands we can leave behind us up in the North, the closer we are to the Pacific ocean which we tremendously look forward to begin crossing.

So there's another little thing that we'd like to speak to you about. Unfortunately not as positive a thing, but we still need to bring it up. We have many faithful readers and followers and we hope you all know how much we appreciate your existence and your participation on this journey. But as there are so many of you, it is inevitable that a few of you will be annoyed or bothered by us and/or the things that we write here on this online diary. This is fine of course, we are not here to please everyone, we would just like to share a few parts of our beautiful journey and our lives with the ones who are willing to listen. If you like it, that is very pleasing to hear. If you don't, we're sure you can find yourself a better blog, couple or life to follow. We also realize that if one is openly willing to share ones life like we do here, one must be prepared for some sort of hatin'. It comes with the job, so to say. What bothers us a little though, is one man in particular, we can call him Mr D, and we will keep his full name anonymous till we know if he can accept our request that is shared below.

Some of you might know this man as he writes a blog himself. This Mr D is clearly obsessed with our blog in general and us or Taru in particular, as he tries to get our attention, as well as our readers attention, around five times every day. He sends not only petty threats but also sexually insulting and obscurely harassing comments in hope for us to publish them on the blog or for us to stop blogging or who knows what his real mission is. His comments carries such an aggressive and offensive language that it would make you all lose hope for humanity if we posted them up here. 

We don't exactly know why this person, a "family-man", hates us so much, but we assume that he might have gotten offended by something that we (or Taru) have written in the blog in the past. Hard to know exactly as he still hasn't had the courage to stand up for his beliefs with his real name. Instead he's "hiding" behind what he thinks is a 100% secure proxy program that "allows" him to change his IP location to various places around the world, as well as the various pseudonyms that he makes up as he writes. If these negative comments would happen once or twice every month or so, we would continue to ignore them. The thing here is that this man is Obsessed and clearly needs someone's help. 

It was never our blogs nor our intention to inspire someone to waste his life on hating us or anyone else for that matter, and if we at any point may have responded bluntly to any anonymous comments, do keep in mind that when choosing to not sign with your own name, you are just that to us: "anonymous", so the response could not have been directed at your self. One can not be so sensitive that one takes things written in someone elses' online diary, personally. At least not until the day that we actually do write about You. 

We will gladly agree on not taking this thing further, if this annoyance will end, Mr D. We are fairly certain that your family, and your and our blog readers would not be too pleased to read the 250 most previous, absurd comments that you've sent us. 

/Alex and Taru