Let's go

Good bye beloved St Barts for this time, not sure when we will meet again but you will for sure be missed. We got a fair share of both extraordinarily good weather and a dark storm and it seems to be clearing up a bit again on our last day here. The swell has also now calmed down and the sky is more blue than grey this morning so it's a good day to continue our journey. We got a bit busy here for a few days: sending large video files across the world when flights been canceled and Internet been off due to the storm proved to be a nerv-racking challenge, but thanks to the best Mac store in the world, Hot Stuff on rue Jeanne d'Arc here in St Barts, we got sent what we needed just in time. If you ever need any Mac products or service your laptop, that is the only shop in the Caribbean that we have come across which delivers and does it well. Not only do they have everything you'll need in stock or are able to sort out reparations and mac problems on the spot, but they are also genuinely kind and service-minded people. Plus, they speak English if your French is as bad as mine. Thank you SO much for all help this week.

Now: 10-15 knots of wind from the East and we'll be sailing towards Guadeloupe. If all goes as planned we shall be there late tonight, early tomorrow morning, otherwise we might stop and rest by the coast of Nevis for a night and continue on tomorrow. See you when we arrive.