I've never ever seen anyone being able to work as much as this human being. I'm not bragging here that my man's so good and capable, no the fact is that I cannot comprehend how much energy one person can possess. It's insane. 14 hours every day. Of course he complains and is occasionally super annoyed, who wouldn't be with fiberglass dust all over while trying to move around in tight spaces dressed in a sweaty overall for hours in 95˚ F, but he still does it. Physically, I would have given up long time ago, but then again, we wouldn't be where we are right now if I was in charge of the boat and the physical work with it. What he's doing today is: reinforcing the baby stay fitting with carbon as well as building new ribs inside of the anchor locker. We've experienced a bit too much flex at the bow so this should make it stiffer. I'll show more photos of this and all other work Alex has done when it's all finished and I can show you the process with images, step by step.