What to do on a beautiful, sunny Friday?

He might look relaxed here, my love, but today's a complete different story. Since we're anyway waiting here for a while longer, Alex decided to strip out the boat of all loose things, cushions, floorboards etc. For the simple pleasure of grinding the inside of the hull from bow to stern and replace a few more stringers/ribs, which anyway is on his miles long to-do-list. That is probably one of the messiest jobs you can find to do for yourself on a boat. Not only is fiberglass grinding a time consuming messy thing to do, bad for your health (full cover gasmask on and vacuum cleaner close at hand), but it will also be a hell for us to clean the fiberglass dust off from every little nook and cranny imaginable on the boat, afterwards. First step is to move all our shit out on deck, cover all what can be covered (tape lockers, drawers, shelfs and so) and then start the g r i n d i n g. 

Did I mention it's around 100° F (40° C) inside of the boat and no wind whatsoever?  GOOD LUCK!!