waiting for the right winds

We're kind of ready to leave this island and begin the very much awaited journey down South. Only a few more smaller things to fix on the boat and some other minor details to deal with, but as soon as the winds are in our favor, we should be heading out there again. Exciting, we have been on this island for three months now after all. Got a lot of good things and much job done here so it couldn't have been another way, but damn how we've been waiting for the day that we're able to continue sailing for real. As we are heading S-SE and the winds are going to come from SE this weekend, we have decided to wait a few days more till the wind shift at least till proper east which is due on Sunday night/Monday morning. We have organized with provisions, cleaned out the boat, filled the tanks and washed all laundry so as soon as the winds are better, we shall be the first ones out of that bridge and into the Caribbean sea again. It's almost surreal that we are actually planing on our departure, we've been delayed so many times for so many different reasons that it's almost hard to believe we are actually going to leave.