today's smoothie

So I went out to get a blender for the boat yesterday, it was $17.90 so let's see how long it lasts but finally I can shake my own smoothies and soups at home. This morning I made the basic strawberry, kiwi, banana and blueberry version. Added one freshly squeezed Florida orange (how I love those ridiculously sweet things right now) as the imported strawberries one finds here are pretty sour. Missing the European strawberries so much. You know the ones that you can eat a whole liter straight from the box without a problem yet still craving for more. When I was around 14 or 15 I picked strawberries as a summer job for a few months. I remember I ate 50% of what I harvested but also that I could buy myself a moped (my beloved cobalt blue Puch Dakota) for the money that I made. What does a 14 year old kid do nowadays anyway? Playing on their iPads? 

I know there are recipes for smoothies all over the Internet but in case you wonder, this is what was needed for three glasses of what you can see above:

2 large bananas
3 kiwis
15 strawberries
a handful of blueberries
1 juicy orange, squeezed

If you want the smoothie to be more reddish with less taste of banana, take two smaller bananas and add more strawberries or why not fresh raspberries or blackberries. 

What's your favorite smoothie? Share some smoothie or soup recipes with me if you have any, now that I have a blender onboard I am ready to abuse it to the maximum.