to do

Almost done. Just a few things to do/wait for before we can leave:

◇ Alex is finalizing the carbon application on the stringers. Will show images of the process when he's done.

◇ Our new Bimini to be delivered. We will finally be able to remove the temporarily flag thing we currently have there as shade and put up a new beautiful beige sunbrella cover.

◇ A little photo shoot for a new collaboration starting this fall. We'll be working with an amazing fashion brand which I'm fairly certain that all of you have known for many years... more info later.

◇ Video shoot for the bikini brand I was photographed for the other day.

◇ Clean/scrub/organize the boat and try to remove/get rid of a few things we don't necessarily need any longer.

◇ Buy provisions for a few weeks to come.

◇ Say goodbye to our friends, always the hardest part..

First stop after here will probably be Nevis, followed by Dominica, then Martinique, St Lucia... looking also very much forward to Mustique where we have some job/pleasure to deal with. So many interesting new things in the pipeline for the coming few months. And the World Tour Market that I spoke about a few months back, has naturally been delayed as we have not yet sailed off from this particular island, but the shop shall be up as soon as we have collected a few things on the way down South.