Largest organic store in the Caribbean

After getting a tips from a blog reader (thank you Lois) about the good health benefits of chia seeds, I went to the only organic shop that I know of here in St Martin/Sint Maarten. It's called Bioman and is located by the waterfront in Marigot on the French side. Bioman, owned and operated by Yves and Eric, two French brothers, is the largest organic shop you can find in the whole Caribbean. They stock around 3000 products and you'll find every organic bean, pasta, rice, cereal, tea, coffee, chocolate, nut, paste, oil, bread, milk, spice, wine and seed you can imagine in here. The gluten and lactose free section is broad and only the selection of rice milk was extended to twelve different versions. Bioman receives a fresh food delivery from Europe once a week and most products are from French or German distributors, fruits and vegetables obviously local. The brothers also run the shop next door which offers organic beauty, wellbeing and cleaning products. I will experiment a bit with my newfound chia seeds and will let you know later how that goes. It seems a great source of omega 3, calcium and antioxidants and can be used in drinks, bread making, cereals among other interesting things.