one step closer

It is easy to get comfortable when spending time in a marina. We've spent eight nights docked to the concrete of a yacht club here on the island, with unlimited water and electricity connected to our boat. Open wifi, short walking distance to bars and restaurants, the quietness of being firmly tied up to something rather than swinging freely with the wind. In a way I do enjoy it, because it makes things so easy, uncomplicated. No long dinghy rides to shore, instead it's very much simpler to make quick decisions but also to fall for the temptations that land offers: Eating and drinking more than what we're used to, shopping things that we do not necessarily need. Being docked to a marina as opposed to life at anchor, makes things too easy. Somehow your brain is put back into a robot-like mode and almost without noticing it, you're back into the routines of a land living creature. And after a few days of being a bit too comfortable for my own healths sake, I get reminded of the fact that this was not the way we were supposed to do it. This is not freedom. We need to get back out there into the wild and that soon. It is remarkable how quick we humans adapt to what is going on around us, it is quite scary in fact. Sometimes you're able to control the impacts and influences of your surroundings, other times not. 

Work on the boat is now done and it's time for us to head back to a quiet anchorage. We are not quite ready to leave the total of the island yet as we still have a few things to take care of, but we're getting one step closer. If the past eight days have been dedicated to boat work (me as an assistant) and messing around onboard a boat which has been worked on while we've lived on it - these following days are supposed to get embraced by the more photographic/creative side of life. If only my body wasn't itching that bad of fiberglass dust..