new features

Our new bimini is here. This piece of fabric is very much loved already, will make our sailing much more enjoyable as it protects from sun and rain for the one who's by the helm or at the back of the boat. This is an obvious feature on probably most boats out there, but we have sailed around 12.000 miles without one so it feels like a great day for us, today. Looking at the profile of the boat now, we quickly realized that it would look even better with also a dodger in the same fabric. Something that will protect us also in the cockpit from sun, spray and during squalls. Maybe we'll have time to have one made before we leave this island. If you wonder why there's blue tape around the couch roof, it's because it's getting varnished, Alex is on the fourth layer at the moment. A pretty time consuming job which requires top up every season, but if taken good care of, it gives a beautiful, elegant feeling to the overall look of this modern classic yacht.