new beginning

Thank you all for your comments and emails after my previous post. Feels good to get to know you a bit better as well as share more of my personal thoughts with you, things that are close to my heart. This blog is a great outlet for me in so many ways, personally as well as professionally and I love that it traps moments and memories forever. The blog feels like an old friend that I bring with me wherever we go and I appreciate it a lot when I hear from you. It gives the whole phenomenon another dimension and I'm glad if we or I can inspire and encourage some of you in whatever way it might be. After eight years of working and communicating on the net, I still find it absolutely amazing what one can get done online. With digits and letters and images. The possibilities are endless and the Internet has taught and challenged me a lot along the years.

Have a good beginning to the week everyone. Monday morning approaching once again, another chance to start a fresh and brand new week which the world has never seen before.