morning routines

A typical morning and a typical breakfast in our lives. A coffee with milk and a croissant for Alex (he eats cereals at home too), a mixed smoothie with fresh fruits (mango, orange and banana in the one pictured) for me. Still haven't got around getting an electric blender for the boat, must find one before we leave. Usually when having breakfast at home on the boat, I prefer eating a couple oranges or some other fruits, or an egg and a carrot if I feel ambitious enough with the pealing and waiting-for-eggs-to boil-process. 

Before, I normally ate a bowl of All Bran or Weetabix with milk and a squeeze of honey, but I have lately figured out that milk and milk products in general causes my hormonal level to increase and thus give me a more oily skin prone for pimples. Having a sensitive skin already, I prefer staying away from the things that raises my testosterone/hormonal level as much as I can. Though I still have hard to resist a good cheese..

All these little things one gets to learn about the body when having time to reflect and experiment with different methods. I find the body and its behavior more interesting now than I've ever done before and I have realized that with only a few smaller alterations, my overall self is in much better shape. And of course as with alcohol, I do love indulging in a calorie filled brunch every now and then as much as I love to have a bottle of red from time to time. But if I follow a healthy, milk-sugar-and-alcohol-free-diet most of the days, I can see great improvements in everything from skin, body mass, energy level and the way the mind operates.