daily update

So I did write a long post about my almost non existent alcohol consumption the other day, yet I managed to get super drunk two times in the short period of seven days. I am so full of shit. Not to sound like I try to defend myself here, but I do drink much less than before. That's a true story. Next subject please.

Today is a beautiful, hot and very sunny day. Alex is fully dressed in his overall suit and gas-mask and is grinding smaller parts of the inside of hull again. This time on a very inspiring place, underneath the cockpit, behind the companion-way, inside of a small space, or locker, next to the rudder post. I am not jealous the least bit, the boat is boiling of heat so the working environment is awful to put it mildly. And the tiny space into which he has crawled doesn't allow for much body movements so you can only imagine the physical and mental stress he is going through as we speak. And here I am in bed feeling sorry for myself and my aching head which is increased by the sound of  the grinder. 

As I am too hungover for any kind of advanced tasks or cooking, I am now going to Burger King to pick up some lunch for us. Third time in one week, congratulations. We really need to get out sailing pronto.

How was your day so far? Give me something nice to read on a day like this.