Beach bleached

Strange pose and expression but who cares, what I wanted to show you is my hair. A bit messy in this picture, but I'm really digging this natural sun bleached color that I have going on right now. If you've followed this blog for a while, you might recall that I've gone through a series of unsuccessful bleaching stages when I wanted to return from my dyed black hair to my original ash blonde/light brown color. All while living in the tropics far from reliable hair dressers. I'd say that it is not before now, a year or so after I started this project, that I am really satisfied with the result. It is my light brown color, but sun bleached at the top. In some lights it is still a little too yellow because the bleached hair has been too powerful against the brown colorings I've added, but most of the days I feel good with this golden shade my hair has eventually turned into. 

Here you can follow the super interesting process of getting where I am today. All different shades of one year.

And this is, in more details, how it looked when my hair turned carrot, and became almost the exact same color as my old sun bleached Dolce & Gabbana bikini.

This was another hair related post from when I first started bleaching and hair was a mess. The mix of colors got me thinking of marble cake.