I know that some of you are bored with smoothies long time ago and maybe I will be soon too, but until that happens, here's another one. That's an avocado in the middle even though it might not look the way you're used to them. They're normally huge here in the Caribbean and much more tasty than the ones you find in Europe for example. Other than that, I had banana, blueberries, chia seeds, honey and almond milk. I adore the mix of avocado, banana, milk and honey, was obsessed with that combination when I lived in the Middle East. I must admit btw that the chia seeds are amazing, even though the small bag that I got was super expensive (here on the island), they last a long time when soaked in water, and it gives such a nice texture to the smoothie, a plus also for their great nutritional benefits. It seems btw as those seeds can be used for many more exciting things that I first realized.