Tuesday dinner

Were dying for an ice-cream earlier tonight and after much searching, the only place open around Plaza del Lago was Burger King. Good (?) thing with that little place is that they got a 50'' TV screen inside of the restaurant and as we never watch TV usually nowadays (we do have one on the boat but haven't bothered to install an antenna), we got stuck inside of the AC-chilled fast food restaurant watching CNN for almost an hour. We watched reports from hurricane Isaac's devel over Louisiana, news from the Syrian war (from an American/CNN perspective) as well as news updates from the republican nomination (how boring). Not that the information provided were overly inspiring to us (except for the hurricane perhaps), but just because we normally never watch TV these days, we sat like spellbound, eating our $0.50 ice cream and ended the evening by ordering a burger each. Everything in the totally wrong order and not really what we had originally planned for dinner. TV, politics and the negativity of war and disaster seriously messes up with your brain, doesn't it.