Freedom #3 to encounter a well functioning wifi connection that reaches all the way into the deepest corner of the boat while at anchor. Bonus when you've just gone through a storm and the house batteries have been loaded with extra wind energy so you can charge the laptop for {almost} as long as you want.

Aah, the bittersweet life of a freelance working cruiser. Some days are completely laptop-free around here, but most days require a minimum of four hours of work in front of that machine for my part. Luckily there are wifi in coffee shops and bars also in the Caribbean, but nothing beats the freedom of being able to read, write and work from your own, comfortable couch with the tea kettle on an arm length distance. 

We do have a fast satellite connection too, but as the cost to use it goes for $10 a MB, that option is kept solely for emergencies, forecast monitoring and quick blog updates from the sea during passage.