Feeling good

The feeling when you realize you've made just the right decisions. 
When life seems to be on just that right track and the flow is tangible..

I know it sounds silly, but I turthfully think that this journey with Alex, combined with this very blog, is the utter meaning of my life. In the most everyday kind of way as it gives me so much pleasure to be able to share this world and experience through my lens and my writings, as well as in a deeply fundamental way that we might not be able to fully comprehend right now. There is this gut feeling which tells me that this is oh so right and that feeling is incredibly sweet and comforting to live with. 

I'd like to send a big thank you to everyone of you whom sent us emails, comments, posts lately. And in the past too of course. Without you this blog would not have the significance it has. I'm so incredibly thankful and proud for the fact that we've managed to gather such a great bunch of amazing, smart, cool men and women as readers, from all over the world, in all different ages, social classes and statuses. And it's steadily growing with each day... pretty fucking incredible when I think about it. Thanks again for reading, commenting, sending us love and support and for just being part of this beautiful, sometimes challenging, time of our lives.

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