Back in the lagoon

A night and a day in St Barts had to be enough for this time. Tropical storm Isaac is on his way to our islands so we sailed back to the lagoon of St Maarten which provides for best security around here during rough weather. Even here it might be hazardous would the storm become a stronger hurricane, as when the horrendous hurricane Luis destroyed 800 boats in the lagoon and caused 19 deaths in total around the islands in 1995. But Isaac will most likely not have time to develop into a hurricane before it reaches our longitudes, and certainly not a stronger one. Today is not as sunny and beautiful as on these images from yesterday's sail. We have grey skies, squalls and 20+ knots of wind here at the moment, 20 hours before the worst of the storm is expected. We'll be sailing down South where we're safe from hurricanes as soon as this bad weather has passed.