If you ever wonder why Alex wanted to change to a bigger boat.. well it was definitely not because of my lightweight shoes. Do you have any idea of how much these things weight? One can wonder how the hell we have crossed an ocean with all these boxes, tools and everything else that are inside of our boat, and we did that with a 35ft back then, remember. Luckily there are many compartments on this new boat where these boxes can be hidden when not in use, not like on the old boat where it literally felt like we lived inside of an overloaded workshop. I can't say that we share the boat building passion, Alex and I, but I'm still glad to have these things around, the refit of Duende would have been much more expensive in case Alex wouldn't have all these tools to work with. I know many of you are curious to see what has been done on the boat in the past few months and I'll get back to you with some photos from the refit in a few days. We're currently on our way towards St Maarten where we'll stay some days before heading down South. Very excited to finally be on the way again.

Does all of you sailors have all these things onboard?