the sweetest thing i know

One a day keeps the doctor away ... no but seriously, every single day I am dreaming of that house by the shore where wild things grow, where the kitchen is half indoors halfway out on the terrace. There's a large mango tree in the heart of the garden, dropping glorious fruits on the ground a few months a year, giving me enough to produce mango chutney, marmalade and fruit sorbet that'll last until following mango season. That's a house that will be mine one day in the future. Which practically means that the house must be located somewhere in the tropics. South East Asia is a good option I believe, it's still reasonably affordable to buy a piece of land, the climate is good, people are friendlier and more welcoming than anywhere else and there are good flight connections to large cities around when in need of some big city pulse (Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai etc). Anyone of you who've sailed to Asia and decided to stay? Or maybe someone else of you readers are living in South East Asia, how's everyday life? I've visited different places in Asia but am curious to know how it would be to actually live out there. What are the pros and cons. And if any of you know of a colorful blog/site written from that part of the world, please send me a link so we can get a visual insight in what we have to look forward to. Hoping to get there with the boat sometime next year.