more london

I know that some of you wanted to see more photos from my extended stay in London a few weeks ago... as you can tell, except for sailing and spending my time traveling with Alex, some of the most important things in my life are friends, food, drinks - preferably combined at all times. During this sailing journey far away from my normal, very social, life, I've realized, in a new way, how much my friends mean to me and it doesn't go a day that I don't miss them. Hopefully they will all be more or less where I left them when I/we decide to move back to civilization after this journey. I guess in order to be able to combine all things in the most comfortable manner, an option would be to sail in the Mediterranean as distance is shorter to family and friends. Let's see if that is where we'll end up once we're done with the circumnavigation. 

Click here if you wish to see how it looked like when I was in Berlin some weeks before London