Ok not much interaction with the readers at the moment. You all have vacation already? We'll go to the beach to try to picture our sail towards SE Asia instead.. the water has the same type of shade there, at least. Thinking of it, we've been dreaming of South Pacific and SE Asia for about two years now, it's an interesting thought, how slow things goes when traveling by boat. You could practically get onboard a plane and be in Indonesia in twelve-fifteen hours, here we are, waiting for it for two long years, and there's probably one more year to go before we reach the beginning of those regions. Talk about building up suspense and excitement. Can you imagine how huge the world must've appeared back in the days when there was no other way to travel, than by boat. Many months and a lot of hard work to get from one continent to another. I like it like this. Ok, sometimes, particularly when you're stuck some-fucking-where because you are waiting for something, it can be extremely frustrating how slow time goes. But on the other hand, when things run smoothly, you're making miles and you stop at one beautiful place after another, it is enormously satisfying to sail by own means. You get to see so much, all those real, sometimes beautiful, sometimes weird, sometimes surprising details of the world that you normally miss when traveling by plane. All the impressions, colors, people, sounds and the energy from the sun and the sea - those things are far more powerful than any interaction or stressful moment that you encounter in a busy and noisy robot-like cue through the security control at the airport. Both ways has it advantages and disadvantages obviously, that's something I've come to say a lot these days.. although the fresh, clean air from the sea and the nature logically gives your mind, soul and body endorphins,  vitamins and minerals that no moisturizing creme nor facial mist can supply.

Now that we don't have the rowing boat thing in Northern Brazil to take care of any longer, we don't necessarily need to go there this time around and can instead focus on our original plan, which was to get out into the Pacific as soon as we can. First we have the North of South America to sail past and explore, maybe even parts of Central America a bit above Panama, but yea it is out into the Pacific that we want. And now that the new boat finally is prepared for it, we're on our way... still moving very slowly of course, no rush, and still a few smaller things to handle with on the way through the Lesser Antilles. But mentally, we are now free to go.

I'm not sure I need to tell you this, but I do love your perspective on things, so feel free to leave a comment whenever suitable. I'd love to hear what you think about all that I'm rambling about in here.