around the island

Our dear friend Reg lent his super fast dinghy to us the other day and we went for exploration around the island. Found a tiny little beach in between beautiful rocky hills where it isn't possible to get without a boat or by swimming. The area reminded us very much of Costa Brava, Spain, and even the colors of these photos turned out exactly like back in the day when we used to cruise between Barcelona and Empuria Brava. I guess I used to shoot in similar bad conditions back then before I knew better. Sun straight above the head in overcast weather doesn't make for the best captures. Overlooking that little error, we enjoyed a very nice day snorkeling, swimming and just chilling out in a very quiet location.  Somewhere in the lowlands, in between Baie Rouge and Baie aux Cayes. As we had a few more horsepowers in the back of the dinghy than what we're used to, we could easily end the day by shooting up the coast for a late lunch at Lolo's, the lovely, inexpensive local barbecue restaurants in Grand Case..