Not only do I miss Alex, the water and the sun, but I also miss sitting in peace, reflecting on life, writing, contemplating in peace and quietness surrounded by nature. I've come to a lot of conclusions during my time off the boat, a time well needed for both Alex and I, and I cannot wait to put these new learnings and understandings into real life practice once I'm back with my man. 

I can admit that life on the boat hasn't been easy at all times, I'm sure most of you can understand. Living so tight with another person, even if you are very much in love with each other, tend to create tension and stress and unnecessary pressure to both the relationship and your individual lives. For us, it was absolutely needed that we had this little break apart, to get to evaluate the things that really are important, and if we wish to continue with our journey, figure out what way to go to make things run smoother in the future. To live on a small boat with your partner for two years is only one thing that can make you want to kill each other from time to time, add to that the fact that we had a hard time selling Alex's old boat, the new one proved to be a larger (and more expensive) mission than what we had expected, and that we literally been locked up in between two islands for far too many months because of the sales and buying process of the two boats..

Life could've definitely been easier and we've had to realize that we've chosen the hard way in many aspects. There are always things one could have done differently, and either you choose to look back with regrets or you make sure to use the lessons of your mistakes as insightful guides to push you forward, back on track, into the right direction. 

That's basically where we are at the moment, trying to learn from our mistakes, make the best out of what we have on hand. This pause we've had these past four weeks, or is it five now, has been very good to us. Hard at times of course, but that's the way you learn I believe. All things that are worth fighting for does naturally come with a good dose of pain and suffering, how else would we know they are important.