Memories of our first year together

So I'm still in London for a few more days and I spoke to Alex on Skype earlier. We got all sentimental when remembering the beginning of our life on the boat. How exciting everything was, our dreams were big and we had so much to look forward to. Two years later, we have achieved many of those dreams already, we've got to learn a lot of things about ourselves, each other and the new life that we so slowly had started to get accustomed to when these photos were taken, and yet there are still so many things and dreams to learn and to fulfill on this journey. All these photos are from Europe and our Mediterranean cruise that we did exactly two years ago, in the summer of 2010, before the official circumnavigation started. Can't help but miss Mediterranean when looking through these images, yet we can't wait to explore some of South America and further continue out into the South Pacific ocean as soon as we get the possibility to do so. Every place has it's own thrill and beauty and we are anxious to get out there exploring more of all what this world has on offer, new places and horizons are yet to be discovered. Will also be amazing to continue the journey from the Caribbean and forward with our newest family member, Duende.