I't might be over with long steaming hot showers, millions of alternatives in the supermarkets, late night drinks, dinners and long conversations with my amazing friends. But instead I'm back with my man, I can have naked showers on deck when the tropical heat gets unbearable, swim in crystal clear water whenever I feel the need for it, eat as many super sweet mangoes as I can deal with and the sound of nothing but wind and water gently lapping against the hull does give me more harmony than any noise of the city. There are so many things that I will always miss when I'm on the boat, far away from other people that I love, yet there are so many things that I want to rush back to when I've been away for too long from our peaceful, mentally fulfilling and challenging life on the sea. Each situation and place has its advantages and disadvantages and the balance is what we all are looking for I guess. Will share some of my new realizations one of these days, will just try to catch up with it all over here for a while.

So it seems as we're staying in Antigua to carefully pack and prepare the boat until early next week. We should thereafter be on our way towards new horizons, first up North very quickly, then down South. Looking so much forward to continue our journey once again. 

my bikini's from Babajaan