chèvre baked pistachio chicken

This is by the way the chicken that I made the other week. It's pretty easy to prepare but the melange of flavors makes for an extraordinary combination.

I started with quickly panfrying the chicken to give it a golden hue. Thereafter I cut the chicken breasts, almost in half, salted generously inside, filled the cut with a generous portion of chèvre, crushed pistachio nuts, pepper, garlic. Put the chicken in a oven safe plate on top of sliced red onions. Sprinkle pieces of chèvre and pistachio nuts on top of the chicken, add more salt, pepper. Before sending this thing into the oven, I added a warm mixture of olive oil, salt and fresh apple juice on top of the chicken to give a sweet moisture to the meat. Baked in oven for around 30 minutes. Served here with basmati rice and rocket salad. I usually cook by ear so I don't have any exact measurements to share but all I can say is that you should def not save on any ingredient, be generous with garlic, chèvre, salt and pistachio to give it a rich flavor with lots of crusty nuts on top.