adorn til dusk

When in London, I met with the talented Julia Cameron, the designer behind a gorgeous jewelry line, Adorn til dusk. At the function where we met, I couldn't help but staring at her beautiful headpiece and I eventually made sure to get myself my own. I love the vintage feel of it and how easy it is to add to any type of look. Can only imagine how well it will go with either a long, goddess type of maxi dress, or a dressed down hippie ensemble. As vintage is a passion of hers, you'll also find handpicked vintage bags, belts, sunglasses and shoes in Julia's online store. Check it all out here if you're into that kind of stuff. Or have a look on the Facebook page where all new jewelry are posted. I really love the star and crystal headpieces that are not yet on the website. Here's the link to the gorgeous style that I have btw.

As I probably will get the question like so many times before: "why do I write about and promote fashion brands on a sailing blog?" Well firstly, this isn't probably your typical sailing blog after all, but also as around half of our readers are girls/women and because many of those 50% have followed me since my early blog years, started already in 2005, when I was working in fashion. I think I wouldn't enjoy writing this blog to this extent if I wasn't able to share with you the mixture of all the things that I love, and quite naturally, all those females would probably not follow us around the world if this blog was only about boat maintenance and sailing... gotta keep you all (myself included) satisfied somehow, and it seems to have worked out pretty well thus far, no?