more berlin

When my Swedish friends left home to Sweden, I was supposed to do the same, fly to Sweden for a continued journey to see more of my friends and family in Scandinavia. Typically, the only new person I got to meet for the next few days was the doctor.. it was probably my careless use of contact lenses that had caused cornea infiltrate and as that being a very uncomfortable and painful story to have to go through, my doctor advised me to stay inside of a dark room with fresh ventilation, but with no sunlight for the following few days. Being stuck in between four walls when the weather was as amazing as it was, eating antibiotics and putting drops to my eye every 60 minutes was not exactly how I had hoped for my Europe trip to be like. But I took the time to heal the way I was told and I used all those hours for inner reflections and enjoyed hours and hours of inspiring conversations with a few friends of mine at their house where I had the pleasure to stay for a week. And when the inflammation slowly got better on the fourth day of total disconnection to the world, I could finally get out in the sun, to enjoy the beautiful early summer and soak in the eclectic ambiance that is so unique to this city. Feeling great to be back alive again and this extended journey to Berlin totally, and quite literally, opened up my eyes to things and thoughts that I earlier haven't reflected upon.

Thanks, for yet another amazing week in my favorite German city.