From one apartment in one city to another. From the arty Kreuzberg in Berlin to the sophisticated South Kensington, London. I am truthfully blessed to have so many wonderful friends from many different cultures and backgrounds in every corner of the world who let me crash at their place when I'm traveling in a suitcase. As a routine, I always offer myself being the cook during my stay, as a simple gesture of gratitude for the fact that they leave me to temporarily swirl into their busy lives. Cath lives a short walk from some mind-blowingly colorful markets where I've spent a few hours hunting fresh produce. I am thrilled by the offerings and the endless variation there is to be found in a big city like this. Having stayed on a small West Indian island for a little more than a year makes you extra receptive and sensitive to all new impressions and the wide variety that I've suddenly found myself surrounded with. And to be able to cook in a kitchen four times larger than the one we have in the boat keeps my creativity flowing that much that all I want is to cook, bake and concoct all the things that I love. On the lunch menu today, something I just made up while strolling around in the market: Chèvre baked pistachio chicken in a salty gravy with a slight hint of apple..